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Approaches of the Transhumant in Bolu-Aladağ to Ecotourism
Ecotourism is an alternative outlook on classical tourism with respect to people life in rural areas. The villages and uplands along the road of the Abant Lake and Kartalkaya ski center are familiar with tourism, whereas there is no effective tourism activity in the other villages and uplands in Bolu region. However, Bolu Mountains are suitable for ecotourism thanks to its various natural beauties. In the present study, the views of villagers living in Bolu Aladağ Mountains about ecotourism were investigated. For this aim, 12 uplands in the region, which can be categorized under three groups such as Avşar, Aladağ and Taşlıyayla plateaus depending on their locations, were selected. Face-to-face survey method was used in the study. The questionnaire prepared included questions about regional culture, concepts of ecotourism, and views of the villagers as well as personal information. The face-to-face survey was carried out with 76 participants (62 male and 14 female) whose ages vary between 29 and 85. All questionnaires were evaluated by using percentage ratios, frequency tables and non-parametric tests. According to obtained results, percentage of participants who have knowledge on concepts of guiding, culture, camping, ecotourism, trekking, and recreation are 87%, 84%, 82%, 41%, %24, and %12, respectively. In addition, %75 of participants suppose that foreigners should be looked after, %34 of participants suppose that tourist can be entertained as a guest in their homes, and %68 of participants suppose that tourism will provide financial gain. With respect to educational status, 5% of participants are not literate, 67% are primary education, 17% are high school and 11% are higher education graduates. In addition, the genders and the plateau groups of the subjects were not the determining factor for the answers to many questions.

Tourism, transhumance, trekking, camping, recreation.

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