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Celebrity-Brand Adjustment, Celebrity-Consumer Similarity in Advertisements and the Effect of Attitude to Celebrity on Brand Value
The aim of this study is to investigate the possible effects on consumer-based brand equity from three different points in cerebrity advertising. In this study, such variables as congruence between brand and celebrity, similarity between brand and celebrity and consumer attitude towards celebrity were examined. Four different competing hair shampoo brands using celebrity endorsement and running campaigns at the same time were chosen for investigation. Data were collected through a quantitative research method using a survey. Multiple regression analysis was applied. As a result; it was found that congruence between brand and celebrity has an impact on quality dimension for each shampoo brand, however similarity between brand and celebrity has no influence on overall brand equity for any of these brands. Moreover, the results show that only in Loreal shampoo brand advertising consumer attitude towards celebrity has a positive impact on brand equity. It was assumed that in this case, the attitude towards celebrity having a positive impact on brand equity could be explained by Loreal being the most expensive brand comparing with other three brands.

Congruence between brand and celebrity, similarity between brand and celebrity, consumer attitude to

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