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The Freight Village Perceptions of the Production Enterprises Managers: The Case of Karabük
With the increasing of the using of out sourcing in the production enterprises, new service encounters based on integrated logistics activities has become prominent. The freight villages which have the aims of such as; increasing the quality of transport, reducing logistics costs, relieving the city traffic, supporting rapid and safe transportation have gained popularity in this process. The freight villages in terms of the benefits such as; contributing to economic development and employment of the region in which it has been established, preventing environmental and traffic pollution, increasing the competitiveness of the enterprises have become important. In this research, it has been aimed to form awareness at freight village size on the special of Karabuk by measuring freight village perceptions of production enterprises managers which have been operating in Karabuk which have already not had a freight village. In accordance with this purpose, a survey has been conducted to the managers of 108 production enterprises. It has been found in the results of the research that; the production enterprises managers have performed positive opinion on that freight villages will increase employment and export in the city, will reduce the transportation costs, however, they have performed negative opinion on that freight villages will contribute to the mediatic promotion of the products in the city. Within the context of the opinions of the production enterprises managers, it has been developed a place suggestion for the freight village which has been foreseen of establishment in Karabuk.

Freight village, manager, perception, Karabük

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