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An Investigation of the Cerrahiyye-i İlhaniyye Copies in terms of the Ottoman Art of Painting
The early examples of Ottoman painting art that have survived to the present day are dated to the 15th century. In this context, the first quality works of Ottoman painting belong to the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Some of the paintings that were produced in this period and reached today are included in two copies of the illustrated manuscript Cerrahiyye-i İlhaniyye, prepared by Sabuncuoğlu Şerafettin to be presented to Sultana. Apart from these two copies of the manuscript, a third copy, which is thought to be illustrated in the 17th century, has survived in publications. Although the paintings in the early copies of the Cerrahiyye-i İlhaniyye manuscript, which has three illustrated copies, are not artistically successful examples, it would be quite optimistic to say that they were made by an artist. However, these paintings are important in terms of the representation of early Ottoman painting, which does not have much information and documentation. In addition, these pictures are also important in terms of strengthening the possibility of finding other painting artists in the environment where the pictures produced by a surgeon for use in his book are found. It is not possible to attribute the paintings in the third edition, which contains more successful examples in terms of a more developed composition order and application techniques compared to the early examples, to an artist in the context of 17th-century Ottoman painting. These paintings, made by a different hand in line with the available information, belong to an artist whose name and other works are unknown. This article compares pictures in the three copies of the Cerrahiyye-i İlhaniyye manuscript in the Paris Bibliotheque National (Supplement Turc, No: 693) and Millet Manuscript Library (Ali Emir, No: 79), Istanbul University, Istanbul. It is aimed to examine the pictures in the copies kept in the Faculty of Medicine and Ethics Department Library (No:35) in terms of Ottoman painting.

Sabuncuoğlu Şerafeddin, Cerrahiyye-i İlhaniyye, Cerrahname, Osmanlı Resim Sanatı, Minyatür

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