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Evaluation of the Sous Vide Technique in terms of Quality and Safety
Emerging sensibilities in consumption have increased the importance of food safety and quality in food production. The techniques preferred during the food production stage should intend to ensure food safety in all processing, cooking and preservation phases, thus enabling the quality to be maintained at a maximum level. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the sous vide technique in terms of food safety and quality. Existing studies in the literature refer to sous vide as a technique that is effective and integrated with all stages of food processing, cooking and preservation. The main objective of the technique is to minimize the risk of oxidation by means of transferring food into vacuum-sealed packages after necessary preparations are made and by cooking the food at a constant temperature so as to increase microbiological quality as well as preserve its shelf life and sensory properties. The results of the analysis of different types of food show that the food cooked and preserved by the sous vide technique completely preserves their sensory properties. Another fact the results revealed is that the extracts added during the processing phase of the food create a rich taste. On the other hand, the technique lowers oxidation risk in food, which in turn extends their shelf life and microbiological quality. With the abovementioned features, the sous vide technique is preferable in terms of efficient stock management and sustainability of the supply chain for small- and medium-sized food production establishments.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Food, Sous Vide, Quality, Safety

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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