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A Comparative Cultural Geography Study: Keşkek Production and Culture in the Bulak and Yazıköy (Safranbolu) Countryside
Safranbolu, which is located in the Western Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, in Karabük province, has an important location on the old trade route in terms of geographical terms and has hosted many cultures and civilizations with this feature. Safranbolu is an important cultural tourism city with its historical houses, mansions, canyon valleys, Bulak (Mencilis) Cave and Keşkek food. The cultural richness of Safranbolu makes itself felt from local clothes to folk dances, from architecture to food types. Keşkek food has become a cultural element of Safranbolu as part of this cultural spectrum. The aim of the study is to reveal the status of the Keşkek meal and its production process, which is an important local flavor but not yet adequately evaluated as a tourist product, but is considered to create significant added value for Safranbolu if it is considered within the scope of cultural tourism. In the research carried out comparatively in the rural settlements of Safranbolu, Yazıköy and Bulak, a multiple case study (multiple sample event) was made from the qualitative research design. In the study, ethnographic method was also used to obtain more information by conducting an in-depth research on the subject researched through informal interview questions, so that face-to-face interviews were conducted with the research we participated as observers to collect data about every stage of the Keskek making process and its place in daily cultural lives. As a result of the data obtained, although Bulak and Yazıköy are close to each other, it has been observed that there are differences in the materials used in the production of Keşkek, however, it has been determined that there are similarities in the production purpose of the culture.

Cultural Geography, Safranbolu, Keskek, Bulak, Yazikoy

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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