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Halal Tourism Trends: An Application on Generations
This study aimed to shed light on the Halal Tourism perceptions regarding the generations, as an important criterion in perceiving people's motivation and needs. In this respect, this research is to reveal the differences and similarities of individuals living in Turkey considering halal tourism trends by the generations they are involved in. The research is based on the results of the survey made on subjects living in Turkey in 2022. The data collected within the scope of the research were evaluated using the package program, and having analyzed the normality, validity and reliability, the hypotheses formed for the research were tested with frequency, ANOVA and T-tests. Based on the 409 questionnaires obtained from the research, a data set possessing strong elements of reliability and validity was formed. As a result of the analysis, the generation group with the highest halal tourism tendency was "Baby Boomers" with an average of 3,9960, followed by the traditionalists with an average of 3.9167, the X generation with an average of 3.6090, the Y generation with an average of 3.1442 and the Z generation with an average of 2.5801. As the finding of the research, the item "It is important that the food waste at the hotel is at a minimum level" received the highest rate of participation, whereas the item "It is important that there are separate recreation areas for men and women in the hotel" received the least ratings.

Motivation, Purchase Intent, Tourism

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Derginin Yeni Adı (2020 yılı 10. ciltten itibaren)
Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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