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The Female Image in the Contemporary Art
In the gender division of visuality, women are shaped within the boundaries of the psychological, cultural, and social experiences of male artists. The most important reason why women were imagined within certain limits was due to the desire and effort to keep them under control just like nature. It is seen in every period of art that the works of art not only reflect the individual and imaginary world of the artist but are guided by many external factors. The image of the woman has changed shape and form under the influence of the necessities of the time and the dominant forces but has not succeeded in leaving the position of being and a sexual object under the control of men. Today, the first thing that comes to mind when nudity is mentioned, the female body, which evokes sexuality and eroticism, is the legacy of the thought traditions of the male world from past centuries. In this paper, the issue of which the image of women created through the eyes of the male power is indispensable from past to present and with what kind of thoughts is examined, what kind of changes the feminist art has created in the created image, why the female body still maintains its popularity as a creation element in contemporary art is the first in the history of art and humanity. It has been tried to be explained by showing examples of the representations of the women images presented today.

Woman, Image, Feminist, Art, Contemporary

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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