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The Role of Career Days in Students' Career Decision Making Process: The Example of Atatürk University Faculty of Tourism
Making a career and future plan is one of the issues that everyone focuses on today. Especially from the beginning of the university years, it is the first step to determine which field to specialize in and what kind of business to work in, by making career studies, and to easily find a job after graduation and be successful. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the level of perception and awareness of students about the future and career issues even in their first years. All of this is provided by career day events organized by universities or other sub-units as well as career offices at universities. The aim of this research prepared in this direction; The aim is to determine the thoughts of the students studying at Atatürk University Faculty of Tourism about career day activities and their perceptions about their career plans. The questionnaire form created for this purpose was prepared by Atatürk University Faculty of Tourism in the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year. It was applied to students who participated in the Career Day Event. As a result of the analyzes made, it was seen that the perceptions of the students about the career day activities differed according to the department and grade level they studied. It was also determined that the decision strategies adopted by the students differed according to gender.

Career Day Activities, Career Planning, Decision Strategies, Tourism Faculty Students, Erzurum.

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Derginin Yeni Adı (2020 yılı 10. ciltten itibaren)
Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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