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Evaluation of Handicraft Products in the Scope of Rural Tourism: the Case of Espiye - Akkaya Village
Tourists who travel to rural areas want to get to know the local culture as well as the agricultural production, natural and historical features of the region. Local handicrafts, one of the most important resources of the local culture, have a great potential in terms of rural tourismdevelopment as they are also a touristic product. In this sense, in this study it was attempted to reveal the rural tourism potential of Akkaya Village of Espiye district of Giresun province that created by handicrafts which were made of nettle ropes. Interviews were conducted with local people in the Village, the geographical structure of the village was examined, photographs and video recordings were taken. The data obtained from interviews were combined with the data obtained from national and international publications and online websites. Since the handicrafts in the village are woven products produced from nettle rope which is something extraordinary and due to its cultural characteristics as well as health benefits, these handicrafts create value in terms of health tourism, and regarding the traditional structure of the village and the supportive effect of the natural (cave, waterfall, monumental trees) attractions, it has been observed that the settlement has the potential to meet the expectations of the tourists visiting the region for rural tourism purposes.

Rural Tourism, Stinging Nettle, Handicrafts, Akkaya Village, Giresun

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