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Reception Analysis of the Yasak Elma Series in the Context of Encoding/Decoding
There are communication approaches that claim that television viewers can develop active or passive behaviors while receiving content. On the other hand, the issue of how much television content is a transmitter of social culture is a problem. The encoding/decoding method was developed by Stuart Hall for the reception of television shows. Within the scope of this study, the Yasak Elma series, which has been broadcasting on FOX TV since 2018, is discussed in the context of audience perception. In the study, in which a purposeful sampling technique was used, 10 housewives living in the city center of Trabzon were asked questions about the series through face-to-face interviews, and it was examined how the women received the messages encoded in the series. As a result of the research, more than half of the women stated that they watched the series because they found it fun and enjoyable. Most of the participants stated that the female representation in the series was negative. Almost all of the participants thought that the series harms Turkish culture. The women participating in the study suggested that there is at least one element in the series that bothers them. Some of the participants said that they liken themselves to the actors in the series, and half of them expressed that they want a character in the series to be in their place.

TV Series, Yasak Elma Series, Encoding/Decoding

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