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Change of the Existing Order: What Awaits the Post-Coronavirus World?
As a result of the breaks in the history of the world, both the social and economic spheres have undergone various changes. The transformation in these areas has pushed administrative structures, in particular, to be redefined according to the needs and desires of the situation. Such changes have resulted from the transition from a traditional state approach to a modern state approach, or from a traditional management approach to a new management approach. The interconnection of all structures and institutions under the state roof has caused any change to affect the whole structure. Today’s global pandemic has started to be among the periods described as breaking. The virus, called COVID-19, has deeply shaken all states, and national and international mobility has come to a standstill. All countries of the world have implemented different functioning models for all administrative units, from public to private, while looking for ways to get out of this difficult situation as soon as possible. Technological products and digital platforms have become the most important elements of the time. It is already being discussed what kind of output will be after the pandemic and what kind of change the outbreak will lead to. For this reason, the Depression of 1929 and the period after the Second World War were first examined in terms of the transformation of the administrative structure. Considering this information, differences in the structure and functioning of public administrations after the pandemic were evaluated. In addition, various ideas have been put forward on possible developments and reflections that may occur at the economic and social levels.

Neoliberalism, New Public Management, COVID-19, Welfare State

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