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Evaluation of Dalaman Train Station, where the Train Never Stops, in Terms of Tourism
Establishing a business to produce goods and services by making use of opportunities within the framework of environmental factors is known as the basic definition of entrepreneurship. The important factor in entrepreneurship is choosing the right place. This situation, which is the rationale for the sustainable initiative, is considered as a profitable investment in micro and macro terms. The investment of Dalaman Train Station, which was made thanks to its fertile lands, is a failed enterprise in history. The Khedive of Egypt of the period had French architects draw two projects for a train station in Egypt and a hunting lodge in Dalaman, starting with the same dates. The two ships with materials for the two projects lost their routes. The Train Station project, which should go to Egypt, went to Dalaman, and the Hunting Lodge project went to Egypt. This study is shaped on what entrepreneurial purpose Dalaman Train Station is used for over time. In the study, it is to find out whether the environmental conditions required for the opening of the building to tourism in Dalaman and also what the contributions to the destination can be as a result of such an initiative. In this study, which was handled within the framework of qualitative research method and case study pattern, the data obtained from the document analysis and the interviews with the company officials were evaluated. As a result of the investigations, today Dalaman Train Station has taken its place in history as the station where the train never stops and agricultural production is carried out in the area around it. As a result of bringing this business to tourism, a great contribution will be provided to the development of Dalaman with the airport located nearby.

Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Culturinal Heritage, Dalaman Train Station

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