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Determination of Forestry Program Students' Tendency of Internship Training: Usak University Case
At institutions where vocational and technical education is provided, it is the most important way of gaining experience and skills for students at undergraduate level. The internship is aimed at defining the business environment of the students, comparing the theoretical and practical knowledge, increasing their professional experience and contributing to the needs of qualified intermediaries of institutions and organizations. In this study, it was aimed to determine the opinions of the students of Uşak University Banaz Vocational School Forestry and Forestry program on the summer internship education and to develop some suggestions for existing problems and increasing internship productivity in the framework of the results obtained. As the research material, 81 people were selected easy sampling method among the students of Uşak University Banaz Vocational School Forestry and Forestry program. A questionnaire was applied to these students. The questionnaire consists of two parts. The first part deals with the demographic structure and the internship place of the students and the second part has the Likert with five type questions about the importance and the function of the internship. When students answer the questions, they are asked to answer the questions in each section according to their importance. As a result, the tendencies of the students about the internship were revealed. During the internship, students stated that they had the opportunity to apply the theoretical training they had received, they could have an idea about directing their future work life, the internships contribution to the development of the confidence of theirselves, and they got the opportunaty to participate in the professional field team work. As the result of the research; a large majority of students who took internships were found to be received positive results from the internship.

Internship Education, Vocational School, Department of Forestry

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