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Content Analysis of Rally News of Political Parties in the Assembly in the 2015 General Elections
Today, media is seen as the fourth force after legislation, justice and executive. Media has always been argued with its presentation of news, its method to approach to topics and its power to determine the agenda. Looking to our democracy history, medya has given countless example in exaggerating the situations. It tries to render and direct the public opinion. Moreover, in liberal capitalist system, media has transformed into investment tool of big holdings. Today, looking to Turkish media, it is seen that the most important holdings of Turkey have the most important newspapers and televisions. They reinforce their ownership day by day. These holdings, which invest on several sectors and bid in a state tender, be in a relationship based on interests with some political groups unavoidably. It’s being in a close relationship with authorities or it’s getting more benefit from another authority’s coming to power and it’s supporting political actors directly or indirectly has always been argued. These arguments strengthen the media. Via this work, before general elections of 2015, it is aimed to take a picture of the approach of Hürriyet, Cumhuriyet, Ortadoğu and Yenişafak, which are four newspapers of four different political aspect to the four different political parties which are represented in national assembly.

Political Communications, Election Rallies, 2015 General Elections, Rallies, Content Analysis

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