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Organizational Culture and Public Relations
The organizational culture of is the total sum of the symbols and myths conveying the basic values to the employees. The cultures that belong to organizations develop in time and exert an effect on the workers of the organization in establishing interactions through the opportunities and threats of the environment. The organizational culture which forms an important system of values on the individuals and decisions also plays a role on public relations. Therefore, the individuals should be aware of the organizational culture they have in their organizations in order to maintain the activities of public relations effectively. The public relations is confronting to us as a management function providing the mutual contact between the internal and external environment at the companys. In this connection, submitting the actions of public relations consciously and orderly looms large in the sense of the organizational culture. This study aims to explore the components of organizational culture and how this culture affects public relations activites.

Organizational Culture, Public Relations, Contact of Public Relations

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