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Utilization of Cultural Heritage for Tourism Purposes: The Case of Bergama County
Cultural heritage tourism emerged as a consequence of the utilization of cultural heritage assets for tourism purposes, transforming them into tourist attractions. The study aims to introduce the cultural heritage assets in Pergamon county and determine the services desired by the tourists during the utilization of these assets for tourism purposes. The face-to-face questionnaire technique was applied to 400 domestic and foreign tourists who visited the cultural heritage assets for tourism purposes in Pergamon county in August 2019. The demographic data were analyzed by the ratio and frequency method. The services desired by tourists were examined with the multi-response cross-tab method. The most desirable service, guidance service, was followed by maintenance, restoration, transportation, landscaping and cleaning, recreation, and information services of the historical sites, respectively. In conclusion, this study contributes to the successful management of cultural heritage with the desired services in the utilization of cultural heritage assets for tourism purposes.

Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage Tourism, Pergamon.

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