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A Digital Project Proposal in Teaching Strategies: "The Phases of the Moon"
Considering today's conditions, it is striking that technological possibilities are developing at a dizzying speed and circulating unlimited information around the world. This transformation manifests itself in all areas and levels of education. Especially through digital applications designed for the 21st century and beyond, individuals' skill areas in education have been developed, and new types of literacy have emerged. Since the internet, computers, mobile communication, and information technologies are essential parts of our daily life, living without them has become almost impossible in our age. The continuous renewal and development of digital technologies integrate them into daily life. When evaluated from this point of view, a common culture and language formed through technology have emerged, and its results/reflections are universal. Today, thanks to internet access, the importance of the concepts of time and space in education have almost completely disappeared, and a digital project proposal called “Phases of the Moon” has been designed and implemented, in addition to determining where positive steps are taken with immediate access to each individual and equal opportunity. In addition, in the context of the importance of communication and visualization in parallel with technological developments, it was aimed to draw attention to the great opportunities it provides, especially in the field of education in terms of using graphic design to share information.

Graphic Design, Digital Technologies, Internet, Computer, Mobile Communication Tools, Education.

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