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The Role of Environmental Education in the Development of Nature Awareness in Individuals
Scientific and technological developments, which see nature as an inexhaustible resource, have created serious pressures on natural resources, causing environmental problems. Environmental education has become increasingly important in schools due to the demand for natural resources and rapidly increasing environmental pollution. This study was designed to examine students' knowledge about the environment, their attitudes towards helping the environment, and their responsibilities in environmental protection in order to emphasize the importance of environmental education at the associate level. In the study, surveys were conducted to measure the environmental sensitivity of the groups of students who received environmental education at the associate degree level. The findings were examined through face-to-face interviews with the primary and secondary school administrators of the Ministry of National Education. Recommendations for environmental education policy paradigms in Turkey have been developed as a result of the article. As a result of taking part in the education process of environmental education for local students, it has been concluded that environmental education is best applied in a practical manner unique to the natural environment of the students. All studies have shown that individuals can gain knowledge through education in the development of environmental awareness.

Environmental awareness, environmental education, educational institutions, university students

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