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The Construction of Ideology in the Movie "Organize İşler"
Ideology gives direction to the structure and political order of the society in which we live. Cinema can play an important role in conveying ideology. People are often vulnerable while watching a TV show or movie. The viewer, who watches a comedy movie and thinks she is just laughing and having fun, is not even aware that she is being influenced by an ideological device. In this context, the movie “Organized İşler” was analyzed on the basis of dialogue and scenes. Although it is not long in terms of duration, the massiveness of the violence and the extraordinary methods used are remarkable. Intense display and routinization of violence may cause the audience to see themselves as weak against the world. While good people are often shown dealing with big problems in the film, there are many portrayals of bad people who lead easy and prosperous lives. When considered in the context of the problem of evil, the thought that being good does not bring happiness and peace to people makes its presence felt. The idea that being educated and equipped is not an advantage in social life has also been described in some sections. Such messages of the film suggest to the audience that knowledge and culture are not important factors in determining the social hierarchy.

Mass Communication, Cinema, Ideology

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