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Strategic Management of the Judiciary in Turkey
The subject of this study is to overcome the shortcomings in the strategic management of the judiciary in Turkey. Understanding the effects of the strategy in judicial administration is the aim of the study. Also, according to the Constitution, it is said that “every Turkish citizen has an innate right and power, to lead an honorable life and to improve his/her material and spiritual wellbeing under the aegis of national culture, civilization, and the rule of law, through the exercise of the fundamental rights and freedoms set forth in this Constitution, in conformity with the requirements of equality and social justice.” The protection, defense of these rights that we have by birth, and their continuity are possible through judicial management. Judicial administration is maintained by the Ministry of Justice. The mission of the Ministry is “to develop and implement policies that will ensure the fair, rapid and effective delivery of justice services based on the rule of law, judicial independence, and impartiality and human rights.” In the judiciary, in line with the mission and vision of the Ministry, within the framework of the Judicial Reform Strategy, activities are carried out and continue within the scope of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, citizen's trust in the judiciary, fair and independent trial, and judicial independence, impartiality, and transparency. At this point, strategic management becomes even more meaningful. In Turkey, questions about how much strategic management has gained meaning in judicial management or whether strategic management has gained meaning in judicial management are answered. As a result of the research, it is seen that much progress has been made.

Strategic Management Approach, Problems and Solutions in Judicial Administration, Strategic Jurisdic

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