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The Usage of Color and Color in Typograph
Throughout the history of mankind, in addition to his basic needs such as survival and shelter, he has been in an effort to share to the period he lived and to the next generations about his or his culture's beliefs, lives, skills, experience and time, and he has continually succeeded in that. Although the pictures and writings made/drawn on the cave walls (Altamira and Lascaux etc.) were the first examples of pictorial expression, these drawings made on cave walls for that period were also the first communication tools of known history. The invention of writing, terracotta, metal, stone, bone or similar writing surfaces, the invention of paper, and the transition from handwritten books to multiple productions with the invention of the printing press accelerated the development of writing and typography. The process from the invention of writing to the development of writing surfaces has also raised different concerns with the development of typography, the increase in the variety of fonts and technological developments. Writing has now gained an international identity by going beyond the symbols used by the culture it belongs to, and it has gained many expressive qualities from the font used in writing to the choice of the preferred color. Especially in the century we are in, the usage and preference of color have an important place in typography. Many companies with national and international market shares have given importance to color preferences along with logo, emblem, logotype and font in their corporate identities. In this study, the usage of color and color in typography was explained together with examples and also evaluated in terms of graphic design elements.

Typography, Logotype, Logo, Color, Picture

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