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A Research on the Housing Examples of the Early Republican Period in Safranbolu
Before the effects of the Industrial Revolution reached Safranbolu, the city, which was located on important trade routes and an important center of trade, also attracted attention in this period as an administrative center. Traditional Safranbolu city residences have been shaped over the centuries with its location in the city, land limitations, traditional family life, social and economic structure, beliefs and traditions, local materials, the influence of climate and geography. In the Republican era, the city center, and then in Karabük, a village of Safranbolu, the industrial breakthroughs made by the establishment of the Iron and Steel Factory in 1937 rapidly affected applications of the period depending on the modern understanding of architecture. In Karabük, especially in Yenişehir, there are houses built in the traditional Safranbolu texture in an area planned with social facilities, the Kranköy area where non-Muslims lived at that time and in Republican era houses used in the summer season. These houses can be considered as examples where new building materials were used for that period, new construction techniques were applied and new lifestyles came to life.Scope of work: twelve republic-era residential buildings in the traditional texture of Safranbolu have been identified. Among these, five residential buildings were selected, and their plan and interior were inspected by survey. With the Gökay Apartment located in Kıranköy, attracting attention with its multi-layeredness, analysis studies were carried out on the residence of Ganioğlu Mansion, Kalafatoğlu Mansion, Dumlu Mansion and Özkan Family in Bağlar locality. On the other hand, what makes this study important is that the modernist movement reveals how it was interpreted here when it reached the traditional Ottoman city Safranbolu under the name of "New Architecture" after Turkish reforms.

Republican Period, Safranbolu, Modernism, Residential Architecture

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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