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The Analysis and Assessment of Hadith Narrations related to the Entry into the Masjid During the Women's Special Circumstances
Whether women are allowed to enter the mosque during their menstruation has been one of the topics discussed since the early days of Islam. Today, as women are entering into every aspect of social life again, this issue has re-emerged on the agenda. It has become unavoidable for women not to enter the mosque due to reasons such as receiving or teaching Quranic education, participating in various cultural activities, having meetings, resting, and touristic visits. This issue has also been addressed by Islamic scholars and the solution is being sought. It has become mandatory for women and the world of science to clarify this matter. It is observed that denominations of the classical Islamic jurisprudence have different opinions. While there are those who say that “ by no means menstruating woman can enter the mosque”, there are also those who say “it is permissible to enter”. Nevertheless, while it has been traditionally said that “ it is permissible to just pass through if there is no concern for contamination of the mosque”, nowadays it is being said that “ if there is no concern for contamination it is permissible during occasions such as watching ceremonies and visiting. ” Each group has put forward their evidences to support their own views. From this perspective, all narrations that were presented as evidence for these respective fatwas (Islamic rulings) were examined and analyzed within the chain criteria. The data obtained from this study are shared in the Results section.

Menstruation, Period (Special circumstances), Puerpera, Masjid, Mosque, Hadith.

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