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Investigation of the Relationship of Terror and Tourism in A Global Dimension with Case Examples
When you examine traffic all over the world, asylum seekers, international students, terrorists, businessmen, refugees, backpackers, armed forces, and of course, tourists, can be seen filling airports, buses, ships, and trains all over the world. The mobility paradigm, which is a model integrated with tourism, plays an explanatory role in revealing that the mobility of so many people has many social, cultural, economic, technological, and political effects. In this study, the concepts of terrorism were examined, and their characteristics were discussed in detail. Selected terrorist incidents that took place in the USA, Turkey, Spain, England, and France were examined in terms of the number of tourists and tourism income by using a document analysis method. In general, the fact that terrorist incidents have affected tourism destinations in terms of the number of tourists and tourism income was mentioned. It has been concluded that the size of the crisis may increase due to the changes in the number of tourists and income, the recurrence of terrorist incidents, and the identification of the region as still unsafe.

Tourism, Terrorism, Tourism Demand, Tourism Income.

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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