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The Attitude of Students' Parents Towards Corona Virus Measures Taken in Schools and the “My School is Clean” Certificate
COVID 19, one of the biggest epidemic diseases of the recent period, affected the whole world in a short time and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The epidemic has changed the course of the world in an instant by deeply affecting production, consumption, trade, education, tourism, international relations, and public structure, especially in daily life and social life. To mitigate the effects of the pandemic, countries have made an effort to develop alternatives in every field in order not to stop life completely. In our country, different ways and methods have been developed for the continuation of activities, especially in the field of education. Discussions of opening schools started to take place. The Ministry of National Education has also started work to take the necessary precautions in schools in order to run without being affected by the epidemic. The "My school is clean" certificate has been given to the schools that have completed these studies. The purpose of this study is to try to determine the approach of parents towards the "My school is clean" program initiated by the Ministry of National Education. In the study, the parents' attitudes towards the coronavirus measures taken in schools and the “My School is Clean” document were examined. In this context, a questionnaire consisting of 17 questions was applied to the parents of students studying at pre-school, primary school, middle school, and high school levels, and 869 people participated in the study. According to the basic data obtained, it was concluded that most of the parents trust the coronavirus measures taken in schools and the “My School is Clean” certificate.

Coronavirus, My School is Clean, Virus Precaution, Education, Karabük.

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Journal of Humanities and Tourism Research
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